Mission Statement

ITMATTER Inc. is committed to offering customers quality services and products, both well designed and reasonably priced. Our company has a reputation for staying on the leading edge of technology, and will endeavor to maintain that respected position by continuing to create and market new products and services.

Who We Are

We are very enthusiastic about new technology and this passion is the major driving force behind our aspiration to deliver solutions that reflect the most natural relationship between software creators and end users. We not only stand behind our products, but we use them in our every day operations.

Our Experience

Our staff has a proven track record and experience in many technical and non-technical knowledge domains necessary to bring about fast, reliable and creative solutions to life.

From medium size solutions, to solutions that process amounts in millions in annual sales, we have done it all. Our staff has the experience and the know-how to get you running and keep running as your business grows.

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» Software Development Process

ITMATTER Inc. is a leading on-demand software development & management company utilizing Agile Software Development methodology to deliver solutions used by customers around the globe.
» Release Early & Release Often

Agile methodology strives to minimize risk by developing software in short, iterative cycles, where each cycle typically lasts one to four weeks. Each iteration is like a miniature software project of its own, and includes all the tasks necessary to release the mini-increment of new functionality: planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, integration & deployment.

» Keeping It Simple

No matter how complex the final solution, the best way to build it is one iteration at a time. Large projects can be subdivided into smaller subprojects that can be delivered faster and with greater efficiency. With each iteration completed in the application lifecycle, useful metrics can be collected and used to estimate effort and delivery dates of the next iteration of the development process. As a result, the final solution is delivered on time and meets the client's requirements.
Our Commitment To You

Our goal has always been to provide simple and hassle-free online services and software applications for anyone - from business clients to home users. For this reason, we rely on customer feedback. Please feel free to contact us regarding our products and support services.

Our Location

ITMATTER Inc. is a federal corporation with registered offices at:

4261 A-14 Hwy #7, Suite 178
Unionville, ON
L3R 9W6, Canada